Bupa (Asia) Ltd. Replaces Existing RightFax Fax Server with OceanFax FoIP Solution for better redundancy solution and Easy Integration with Avaya IPT for Fax Demanding.

Hong Kong, 20 Sep 2016, Bupa (Asia) Ltd. recently has selected OceanFax FoIP solution to replace its existing old version of RightFax fax server. Looking forward the easy integration of VMWare solution and Avaya IPT for fax demanding and the highest security fax encryption and archive fax in OceanFax, Pupa (Asia) Ltd. decided to choose 8 channel OceanFax FoIP solution for their office to improve total office efficiency and reduce redundancy.


Project Highlight

· Replace existing old version Rightfax with OceanFax

· Use Oceanfax 8 channel FoIP Solution


Why Oceanfax?

· Support VMWare Solution

· Provide better redundancy solution

· Integration with Avaya IPT for fax demanding 

· With highest security fax encryption

· Provide Archive fax


About Pupa (Asia) Ltd.

Bupa is an international healthcare group, with its origins and headquarters in the United Kingdom and now serving 32 million customers in 190 countries. It is an international healthcare company with services that include travel insurance, health insurance, care homes, expatriate insurance, health assessments, occupational health services and hospitals. Pupa (Asia) Ltd. is one of the offices of the Pupa international group.

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