OceanX customer projects “Beijing Baidu Personnel Document Electronic Platform” and “Hong Kong Chronicles Editing and Collaboration Platform” won “Benchmark Case Award”

Shenzhen, China – 18 Feb, 2022 – The leading Enterprise Information Management provider OceanX Technology Limited proudly announced that, its customer projects “Beijing Baidu Personnel Document Electronic Platform” and “Hong Kong Chronicles Editing and Collaboration Platform” won “Benchmark Case Award”. Beijing is our Capital and Hong Kong is an international financial centre. Awards give us extraordinary meaning. From South to North, it means that our self-developed ECM covers the whole country. It is a big step forward for us towards the goal of becoming the No. 1 ECM in China!

OceanX Technology Limited has more than 15 years of experiences in developing world-class solutions, with development centre located in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and subsidiary office in Shanghai. Over the years, OceanX acquired solid achievement and influencing position in the software industry. OceanX flagship products include OceanFax (Asia No.1 best-selling fax server) and OceanX ECM (Top 25 Document Management System in Asia). Other products such as OceanX Capture (powerful OCR & capture solution), OceanX WorkFlow (New generation Business Process Management System), OceanX Share (securely collaboration with internal and external parties) and OceanX PDFX (easily convert documents to PDF), etc…

The “Benchmark Case Award” is organized by Shenzhen Software Industry Association, aims at promoting excellent IT benchmark cases, encouraging exchange of innovative ideas among the industry and improving the quality of software products. Shenzhen strongly support the formulation and implementation of government policy related to digital transformation of the country.


Beijin Baidu Personnel Document Electronic Platform

Personnel files keeping in HR Department are confidential. Some highly confidential personnel files could only be accessed by a few HR Staff. Internal staff sometimes require to borrow confidential personnel files. Before using OceanX ECM, HR Department of Baidu had huge workload and difficulty in managing and proper storage of numerous paper-based personnel files. In addition, it is not convenience for internal staff to borrow and without security control.

OceanX Capture helps users to convert paper documents into electronic information. Use coverpage or keyword in the documents to separate them into different categories and eliminate the need of manual indexing. OceanX ECM integrates with Baidu HR Management backend system to automatically create folder for each employee with correct information. All documents in OceanX ECM has Activity Log to monitor access history. OceanX ECM “Borrow” can control the borrow process and automatically add watermark for each document with borrower information, borrow date, etc… Different departments can borrow their personnel files securely. OceanX DPC moves personnel files to correct location automatically.

OceanX help Baidu to create a paperless, secure and environmental friendly workplace. Users have better control for the access of personnel files, higher security control for confidential documents and significantly reduce incorrect employee information and human error.



Hong Kong Chronicles Editing and Collaboration Platform

Before using OceanX’s solutions, Hong Kong Chronicles used File Servers to store their documents. However, the documents in File Server have many versions and not well-organized. In addition, users have to print out documents for approval process, which is inefficient and not environmental friendly. They need a comprehensive solution to manage their document and improve efficiency.

After reviewing different solutions in the market, Hong Kong Chronicles selected OceanX.

They use OceanX WorkFlow to control and improve their Publishing Process.

Using OceanX ECM, they store publishing documents in Project Folder structure. Different Chapter and session can be assigned to different editors to enhance the publishing process. They can store and share reference materials like photo, articles, movie or links. Office Add-in provides check-in, check-out and version control, achieves “Single Version Of The Truth“. Users can manage emails together with documents through Outlook Add-in.

OceanX Share enables users to securely share documents internally and send to external professional for approval.

OceanX help Hong Kong Chronicles to have better control of editorial documents, enhance collaboration between different users, strictly control the accuracy of document content, ensure consistency and enforce standardization, enhance security such as audit trail on documents access, consolidate expertise and knowledge asset management.



About Shenzhen Software Industry Association

The Shenzhen Software Industry Association was established in 1998. It is a 5A Grade association with more than 3,000 members. Members of the association are IT Professionals in software development, system integration and information service. It drives the development of software industry in Shenzhen, responsible for testing and evaluation of software companies and products, qualification of information system integration, registration of software copyright, patent application, consultation of technical solution and appraisal of technological achievements.

Among the large and medium-sized cities in the country, Shenzhen’s software revenue ranks No. 2 and software exports continue to maintain its No. 1 position. As an industry organization, Shenzhen Software Industry Association keeps pace with the times, innovates ideas, integrates resources, expands service platforms, builds a software industry ecosystem, and leads the development of software companies.



About OceanX Technology Limited

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Hong Kong, OceanX Technology has been developing innovative products including OceanFax – the Asia’s No.1 award-winning & best-selling fax server, as well as OceanX ECM – the first cloud based Enterprise Content Management System in Asia. OceanX ECM won the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2019: Smart Business (Solution for Business and Public Sector Enterprise) Certificate of Merit and acquires “APAC CIO Outlook Top 25 Document Management System” award, among 400 DMS candidates.

As a partner of global technology giants, such as SAP, Cisco, Avaya, HP, Ricoh, Microsoft and Huawei, OceanX develops rapidly and provides flagship OceanX ECM & OceanFax Fax Server to government departments and major corporations in the global market.

The company’s mission is to develop world-class solutions for local markets. Devoting to green office automation technology innovation, the company is dedicated to explore technology trends and develop cutting-edge technologies, to meet continuously increasing customer needs on office automation.

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