24/05/2018 – Baidu selected OceanX ECM for their Human Resources Department

Hong Kong – 24 May 2018 – Baidu signed a deal with OceanX to implement OceanX ECM for their Human Resources Department. OceanX ECM is a comprehensive ECM solution which integrates with Baidu’s backend system.


It can more effectively control the access of Personnel files, strengthen the security of Personnel files, reduce incorrect human error, and create a paperless and environmentally friendly working environment.


Project Highlight

• For Human Resources Department

• OceanX Capture – Turn paper documents into electronic information

• Use Activity Log to monitor access history of Personnel files

• Use OceanX Share to control the borrow process

• Integrates with Baidu’s backend system


Why OceanX ECM?

• Comprehensive ECM solution

• Strong security control


About Baidu

Baidu is a continuously innovative high-tech company. Created by Li Yanhong on January 1, 2000, it is now the world’s largest Chinese search engine and the largest Chinese website. In China, hundreds of thousands of companies use Baidu’s search to promote services and enhance their own brand and operational efficiency. Baidu has an excellent technical team, making China become one of the four countries with the core technology of search engines.

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